Thrill started as a quick project with Len Kori and Alex Mitchell who wanted to put out something fun and never seen before. 

They've been collaborating with us for over four years now. 

An idea that began on a whim has now brought stories from their home of San Francisco to all over the world. 

"At Thrill we tell stories through art."

"We like to tell stories with our hats, the name brand Thrill was never even a thought." 

The idea grew and they needed a name. They thought of so many but nothing fit. We wanted something exciting and simple so they started thinking of their favorite things about the city, to food, to sports...then they brought up Will Clark, nicknamed "The Thrill". 

From that moment the name Thrill was forever etched in the history of hat collecting.

"The best part of being a part of the Hat Club design collective community is engaging with all of the hat collectors who enjoy hats."


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"We love designing for the collectors. A new fitted hat completes a great day."