It has been said that Mt. Fuji has "inspired artists and poets and has been the object of pilgrimage for centuries." 

Presenting the FUJIs Collection, features rocky slope gray crowns, black Earth bases on the top bill and purple, pink and white accents and the og pink undervisor.


This collection, made with 100% polyester, hails from China and is constructed with a gray crown, black button and top bill and is affixed with a Hat Club Original pink underbill. 

All MLB hats in the collection come with a flat batterman logo in the back with the exception of the Colorado Rockies, Tampa Bay Rays and Los Angeles Dodgers 2020 World Series. The Skull Chief comes with the signature Hat Club HC logo and the Anthropomorphic Mask comes with the PBJ logo in the back.


Collection launched at 11AM PST / 2PM EST on Saturday January 22nd 2022.


Two FUJIs Themed pins available for purchase at launch time

One FUJIs Pin included with each cap.



Arizona Diamondbacks SH 2001 World Series

Atlanta Braves ALT Inaugural Season

Baltimore Orioles ALT 25th Anniversary 

Boston Red Sox 1986 World Series

Chicago White Sox 1976 Comiskey Park

Cleveland Indians Jacobs Field

Colorado Rockies BP 2021 All-Star Game

Houston Astros 2004 All-Star Game

Los Angeles Dodgers 50th Anniversary Stadium

Milwaukee Brewers County Stadium

Minnesota Twins 40th Anniversary

New York Mets 40th Anniversary

New York Yankees 1939 All-Star Game

Oakland Athletics ALT 40th Anniversary

San Diego Padres Friar Stadium

San Francisco Giants 2010 World Series

St. Louis Cardinals Jersey Busch Stadium

Tampa Bay Rays BP 2020 World Series

Texas Rangers 1995 All-Star Game

Washington Nationals RFK Memorial Stadium

PBJ Anthropomorphic Mask

Skull Chief

In store only:

Arizona Diamondbacks Word Logo 2001 WS Champions

Los Angeles Dodgers 2020 World Series

New York Yankees 100th Anniversary

Oakland Athletics 30th Anniversary

San Francisco Giants BP 50th Anniversary