Yo DJ! Run that back! You all asked for it, and now they're here! It's the triumphant return of the first wave of the Aux Pack!

The Aux Pack is the most ambitious collection that our design crew has put together. First conjured up at the tail end of 2020, the Aux Pack is a tribute to all the cassette tapes and CDs that have traveled with all of us on the streets, subway lines and country roads of our lives. So sit back and relax. We’re about to plug in... again.


We’ve combed through every color pallet, thread stitch and side patch to make sure each hat resembles some of the most influential eras in rap and hip-hop history. Because when you throw one of these on, you’re not just donning a dope hat, you’re wearing the soundtrack of your life. All of the pieces in this collection were manufactured in China and all feature a flat batterman logo on the back. Each hat also comes with an exclusive collection-themed pin.


Collection launches at 11AM PST / 2PM EST on Saturday March 5th, on our new arrivals page and collection page linked below. Refresh the page at time of drop.


Each cap comes with a "Aux Heart" Pin. Meanwhile we will have two other Aux themed pins to purchase.


Atlanta Braves 2000 ASG - Black

Brooklyn Dodgers 1955 WS

Chicago Cubs Wrigley Field- Purple

Chicago Cubs Wrigley Field- Brown

Chicago White Sox 95th Anniv.

Cleveland Indians 2019 ASG

Detroit Tigers Stadium- Cardinal

Detroit Tigers 2005 ASG- Black

Houston Astros 35th Anniv.- Black

Los Angeles Dodgers 100th Anniv.- Navy

Los Angeles Dodgers Stadium 50th Anniv.- Black

New York Giants 1954 WS

New York Mets 25th Anniv.

New York Mets 1986 World Series

New York Yankees 2003 WS- Olive

New York Yankees 2000 WS- Red

New York Yankees Flag Patch

Oakland Athletics 30th Anniv.- Gold

Oakland Athletics 25th Anniv.- Black

Philadelphia Phillies 1993 WS- Royal

Philadelphia Phillies 2008 WS- Black

Pittsburgh Pirates 2006 ASG

San Francisco Giants 2014 WS - Black

Toronto Blue Jays 40th Anniv.

Washington Nationals 10th Anniv.