The Rolling Papers Pack

It's time to pull up and roll up. Introducing a new strain of hat, The Rolling Papers Pack. Taking inspiration from our favorite papers to spark up with, there isn't a pick-up in the whole pack that won't have you feeling goooood. Whether you're hitting solo or passing to the left with the homies, make sure you de-stress with your favorite flavor. 


The whole Rolling Papers Pack hits smooth, being made of 100% polyester, and comes with a variety of underbill colors that match perfectly with their side patch details. All but the Birmingham Barons and Rochester Red Wings come equipped with flat batterman logos.

Made in Bangladesh:

Baltimore Orioles

Boston Red Sox

Detroit Tigers

Brooklyn Dodgers 1955 WS

Seattle Mariners 30th Anniv.

Made in China:

Birmingham Barons

Brooklyn Dodgers 1920 WS

Philadelphia Phillies

Rochester Red Wings

Seattle Mariners 2001 WS

Seattle Pilots


Collection launches at 1:20PM PST / 4:20PM EST on Wednesday April 20th, on our new arrivals page and collection page linked below. Refresh the page at time of drop.


Pins will be available to purchase at 12:20pm PST on 4/20, including the Balloon Head Pin and the Kid Balloon Two-Piece Pin. Pins are designed by @kidballoon check out his IG here

REMINDER all pins are expected to ship after your hat order on or before 5/2/2022


Baltimore Orioles 25th Anniv.

Birmingham Barons 20 Years

Boston Red Sox 2004 WS

Brooklyn Dodgers 1920 WS

Brooklyn Dodgers 1955 WS

Detroit Tigers Stadium Crossroads

Philadelphia Phillies Veterans Stadium

Rochester Red Wings 20th Year

Seattle Mariners 2001 ASG

Seattle Mariners 30th Anniv.

Seattle Pilots Primary Logo