RED ICY bottoms


One of our most-popular drops from 2020 is back, with a bit of a facelift and a score of friends. Introducing the latest addition to our Rotation program, the new and improved Red Icy Collection! The concept you know and love, but with a bevy of new logos and side patches to tickle your fancy. 


Each piece from this collection was made in China with 100% polyester. Each hat features a crimson red crown, button and upper visor, a Hat Club Original Icy Blue under visor and white sweatband. Each hat also comes affixed with a flat-stitched red and icy blue batterman logo with the exception of the Los Angeles Dodgers 2022 ASG and Atlanta Braves 2021 World Series caps, which are raised. All of the front logos and side patches are stitched with a combination of icy blue, royal blue, navy blue, black, white and metallic silver threading.


The latest Icy Bottom Collection is launching Friday September 2nd at 11AM PST / 2PM EST on our New Arrivals Page and our Icy Blue Bottom Collection Page linked below.


Arizona Diamondbacks 10th Anniv.

Atlanta Braves 2021 WS

Boston Red Sox 2004 WS

California Angels Primary 1967 ASG

Chicago Cubs Wrigley Field

Chicago White Sox 60 Primary

Cincinnati Reds 2003 Inaugural

Colorado Rockies 1995 Coors Field

Florida Marlins 03 ALT 1993 Inaugural

Houston Astros Prototype 45th Anniv.

Los Angeles Dodgers 2022 ASG

Minnesota Twins 61 ALT 25th Anniv.

New York Mets 2013 ASG

New York Yankees 1952 WS

Philadelphia Athletics 1929 WS

Pittsburgh Pirates 1959 ASG

Philadelphia Phillies 100 Years

San Diego Padres 04 BP EST. 1969

San Francisco Giants 60th Anniv.

Seattle Mariners ALT 25th Anniv.

St. Louis Cardinals 67 ALT 100th Anniv.

Texas Rangers 81 Primary 40th Anniv.

Toronto Blue Jays 03 Primary 30th Anniv.

Washington Nationals DC RFK Stadium