It's history time, boys and girls! Back in Ancient Egypt there lived a great king and queen who wore the most stylish crowns the people had ever seen. Every component was inspired by the day-to-day lives: the sun-drenched sands of the Sahara desert, the deep blackness and cold of night, the Roman-envied metallic copper and cerulean blue treasures that laid deep within the walls of the sarcophagus chamber and the blue hue of the Nile, the source of life in the desert.

Centuries after the king and queen's deaths, explorers took to the catacombs of the Great Pyramid and unearthed the vast collection of crowns which laid at the feet of the king and queen's mummified remains. And now, available for a very limited time, we present to you, the Ancient Egypt Collection. 

But we warn you... Each crown comes with a curse inside the box. Are you brave enough to dig one up?


This collection, made with 100% polyester, hails from Bangladesh and is constructed with a khaki crown, black button and black top bill, while the underbill is royal blue. The logos and patches are stitched with metallic copper, tan, cerulean and light blue threading.

Every team comes with a stitched-on flat batterman logo on the back of the hat with the exception of the Colorado Rockies 2021 All-Star Game, which comes with a raised logo.


Collection launches at 11AM PST / 2PM EST on Saturday February 26th, on our new arrivals page and collection page linked below. Refresh the page at time of drop.



We will have three different styles of pins available to dress up for your hat. Each Egypt cap comes with the Ancient Mummy pin and the Ancient Cat and Ancient Pharaoh will be available to be purchased.


Arizona Diamondbacks 20th Anniv. Champs

Atlanta Braves ALT logo Inaugural

Baltimore Orioles 1993 ASG

Boston Red Sox ALT Fenway 100th Anniv.

Chicago Cubs 70s logo Wrigley 100th Anniv.

Colorado Rockies ALT 2021 ASG

Detroit Tigers 90s ALT Tiger Stadium

Hat Club Skull Chief

Houston Astros 2000s logo 40th Anniv.

California Angels 25th Anniv.

Los Angeles Dodgers Stadium 40th Anniv.

Florida Marlins 10th Anniv.

New York Mets Final Season at Shea

New York Yankees 2003 WS

Oakland Athletics ST logo 25th Anniv.

Pittsburgh Pirates ALT Three Rivers Stadium

San Diego Padres Stadium 

San Francisco Giants 2000 Inaugural

Seattle Mariners 40th Anniv.

St. Louis Cardinals Jersey logo 125th Anniv.

Tampa Bay Devil Rays 20th Anniv.

Toronto Blue Jays 25th Anniv.