Born and raised in Tucson Arizona. Ni de aqui, ni de alla.
Growing up surrounded by the sights, sounds and tastes of South Side Tucson, I am able to pull all of my experiences together and express them in my art. 

The main themes for my designs are based on the Mexica/Aztec deities all the way to Classic and Modern Mexico and the West Coast life style. 

I draw most of my creative inspiration from my Mexican heritage. Mexican culture is so vast and goes back hundreds of years...but still remains constant. I love that. 

Also, my wife and kids inspire me every day to keep creating. They know it's a part of me and they push me to let the world know who I am.  

"I love baseball caps, and I love designing logos. It's a perfect marriage." 

Where else do you get to see a community of people who are looking to wear something different and eye catching? I believe it gives the wearer their own bit of individuality. 

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"The best part of being part of the HC Collective is seeing people appreciate the artwork that we put out."



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