Hey people! Danny here. Dionic is my personal brand and my motto is "A Hat For Every Head".

I draw a lot of inspiration from MiLB team logo's, as well as pop culture.

Danny lives in the Netherlands and has been designing hats since 2012. 

His portfolio features a diverse range of hats, which is what inspired him to use the motto "A Hat For Every Head".  He wants his range to resonate far and wide. 

He was one of the first designers to join our Design Collective community. 

"I've been drawing since I was a kid"

When Danny started wearing hats he also came across The Clink Room and saw that you could design your own hats then have it produced by New Era. Fast forward to 2020, Hat Club now features multiple Dionic releases every month. 

"I never planned to create an actual brand, but the reaction I got from my designs was incredible, I felt motivated to keep on doing it. Thank you all for your love and support." 

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"I'm leaving no stone unturned to create a fun hat concept"