Ink Park

Ink Park

Jon is the creative brain behind Ink Park. He started drawing as a kid, mostly superhero type stuff. 

"My brother would have me draw for him, later I found out he was selling them at school as a side hustle."

He really loves graffiti, cartoons, comics, and mascots. I try to have all those influence my art style. Growing up I always loved Embroidered logos!

Jon took some graphic design classes in high school but never really thought anything would come of it. 

He lost touch with his art while working in various jobs but while he worked in engineering he got back into it. 

Some of his first logos he drew on Autocad. From there he learned more about the computer side and graphic design while trying to redevelop his style. A friend gave him a copy of illustrator and he never looked back.

"I came up with the name Ink Park because I love art, paint, graffiti... so that's the ink side. Park side is how we would got to the park to just play and have fun. So it's like arts and rec!" 


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"I love seeing a mascot character come to life on a hat."


Ink Park

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